Chinchilla is an active rodent. As an active rodent it would like to play with various accessories provided to it. Only few accessories would suite chinchilla while playing while other accessories may harm the chinchilla. The accessories for chinchilla include the things provided to the cage and its external needs. The following article is about various accessories used for chinchilla.

Cage accessories

            These are the basic needs for chinchilla in the cage. Without cage accessories the chinchilla housing is incomplete. These basic needs are used by the chinchilla for its survival. The cage accessories are as follows

Water bottle

            The most commonly used water bottle in chinchilla’s cage is ‘gravity bottles’. The gravity water bottles prevent the water from leaking. Water bottles should be recharged periodically. We must wash and refill the fresh water daily else there will be a bad bacterial growth.

Food bowl

            The food bowl is also an important accessory. The food bowl should be heavy enough so that the chinchilla could sit on the rim whilst of the bowl to eat its pellets. The food bowl should be heavy enough to accommodate the chinchilla’s weight in it. there are various types of food bowl available in the market.

Hay house

            The hay rack, house and cubes are used in the cage. These are not the essential elements, but they are useful for the chinchilla. The hay houses and rack may double the chinchilla housing.


            The house is an essential accessory for the chinchilla. The chinchilla usually rests in the house provided inside the cages. The chinchilla return to its house for sleeping. The houses are generally built with the cardboard.


            The chinchilla cages should have shelving. Thin helps the chinchilla to jump onto and rest upon it. The chinchilla would like to jump and play . so shelving is a basic need by a chinchilla.

Cage covering

            The cage should have a soft covering at the bottom and a hard covering at top. The bottom of the cage should have a soft rest on, so that it will not harm chinchilla’s legs

Chinchilla toys and external accessories

            Chinchilla generally loves to play with accessories. Here are some external accessories that would make the chinchilla happy while playing. These accessories include toys, stone etc. these material should not harm the chinchilla at any cause.

Tree branches

            Tree branch is one of the best accessories given to chinchilla. Chinchilla will gnaw on a bark which is a great material aid for their ever growing teeth. These tree branches can be used for both jumping and climbing apparatus as well.


            The tubes are used as a toy for chinchilla. The safest tube is made from cardboard. The tubes can be in the form off carpet roll tubes, toilet roll tubes, kitchen roll tubes etc. plastic tube from the local pet shop can also be used for chinchilla.

Wooden blocks

             The wooden blocks are made from cholla wood and these wooden blocks can be easily purchased from the pet shops. It is also used as a tooth filling material for chinchilla.


            The ladders are used in the chinchilla cage when there are multiple levels. The ladders used for chinchilla should have a solid back. The ladder used for chinchilla should be strong.

Large pebbles

            The stones and rocks are used to mimic the natural environment. The stones and rocks are used to stimulate their natural instinct of using hard material source for tooth filling.

Hence this article deals about various accessories and toys that would be used in the chinchillas cage.